Moving on the ground

Moving on the ground

Oct 21, 2022 08:59 AM
Moving on the ground is one of the best things you can do to start (& maintain) a healthy movement practice.


It helps to:
  • make you more body-aware
  • release tension
  • increase mobility
Freedom of movement leads to freedom of thought, so you can develop a health body AND mind.
Be sure to approach your practice with a sense of curiosity. Experiment. Be playful.

3 reasons why you should include groundwork in your day.

Reason 1: The ground is fundamental

You learnt to move by laying on the ground. There’s no better way to rebuild your movement than to go back to the basics. Start from the ground up.

Reason 2: The ground is supportive

You can trust that the ground has got you, you won’t fall off. Relax into that. Use the minimum amount of energy, the ground won’t drop you.

Reason 3: The ground is honest

The ground won’t change while you’re practicing. So you can trust that it’s feedback is honest. It will show you your lumps & bumps. If there are tense / tender bits, it will tell you.


To start, simply lay on the ground in different positions. On your back, front, side. Pay attention to how your body feels. Breathe. Maintain smooth even breaths. If the breath ‘catches’ then pay attention to that. Try to figure out what’s causing that.


Start to introduce movement. Move your limbs into different positions. Experiment, see which position you can make. Reach in different directions. Rotate you limbs. Be curious, try stuff. Play. Get ‘into it’. You’ll develop a wonderful understanding of your body.


Be sure to approach your practice with a sense of curiosity. Experiment & be playful.
That's it! I hope you give floorwork a try. It really is one of the easiest & most beneficial practices you can include in your day.